In the year 1862, Abraham Lincoln was in his second year as president of the United States and the country was torn by the Civil War. On August 5, 1862, a Huntingdon man, Albert Owen, newspaper editor, printer and former county superintendent of schools was appointed as an agent for the Hartford Fire Insurance Company and an insurance agency began.

Mr. Owen continued in the business for 14 years when it was purchased by William DeArmitt.  Mr. DeArmitt operated the agency for 21 years then sold it to Lewis Royer.  Six years later J. Clyde Port bought the agency from Mr. Royer.

Upon Mr. Port’s death in 1919, his widow and her sister Mary B. Stewart, operated under the name of the J. Clyde Port Agency.  Mary became the sole owner in 1922 and in 1923, her husband, James C. (Jimmy) Morgan became associated with the business.  In 1932 the name was changed to the James C. Morgan Agency. 

In 1947 Mr. Morgan moved the agency office from the Union National Bank building to the present location at 427 Washington Street.  At that time Jack M. Shuck, was in charge of the underwriting department and in 1957, Mr. Shuck purchased the agency from Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Shuck acquired  the Mount Union Insurance Agency in 1962, , the Herncane and Lang Agency in 1963,  the Meloy and the Emmert  Agencies in 1964 and the Mildred Garland Agency in 1971.  The name was changed to the Jack M. Shuck Agency in 1969 and was incorporated in 1977.  

Stanley E. Cipar was employed by Mr. Shuck in 1958 and purchased the agency in 1982 upon Mr. Shuck’s retirement.  Mr. Cipar continued the agency expansion by purchasing the Saunders Insurance Agency in 1985; the Kline Agency, of Bellefonte, in 1986, and the Harry Keith Agency in 1991.

Andrew D. Cipar began working in the agency in 1986 and acquired the agency from his father in 1995. He has earned the insurance designations of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter, CPCU, Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU, and Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC.  Andrew Cipar continues to operate the business under the name Jack M. Shuck Agency, Inc. with offices at 427 Washington Street, Huntingdon and 111 W. High Street, Bellefonte with the Bellefonte location being managed by Stan Cipar, Jr.  The Jack M. Shuck Agency is an independent insurance agency representing numerous companies, still including The Hartford, offering all types of commercial and personal insurance products.